Shamrock Communications has a vast amount of experience when working within the
aged care sector. This understanding allows us to appreciate the intricacies around
working within populated wings and sections of aged care environments.


We provide the services around phone and structured cabling in Sydney aged care facilities who can’t afford the time to go offline or shut down for cabling services. We work around staff and residents in a respectful and timely manner with the satisfaction of the client at the forefront of what we do.

Our specialities include servicing existing facilities, installing wireless access, nurse call cabling, as well as cabling provisions for CCTV to monitor staff and residents. To ensure the offices are maintained and serviced within the facility, Shamrock Communications is also a highly experienced office cabling contractor.



Our experience in aged care facilities includes our work with Scalabrini Aged Care in Drummoyne, St. Joseph’s Village in Auburn, Stella Maris Aged Care in Cronulla as well as our 20-year relationship with Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care in Rooty Hill.

Shamrock Communications provides aged care facilities with streamlined services to enhance the technologies within their building. When required, we will also work around our client’s normal operational hours, ensuring we are flexible and adaptable to all situations. Our goal is to provide the most intelligent network cabling in Sydney.



Scalabrini Aged Care Drummoyne


Stella Maris Cronulla


Our Lady of Consolation

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